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dragon theatre concert
Ben, Mike, Catrin and Chris-Dragon Theatre concert Barmouth 2019
Playing sax with Liam Dixon & band at the Last Inn, Barmouth 2018
Camac-Ulysse harp
Chris with current harp- the Camac Ulysse
Ben & Chris in St. Tanwg's church, Wales
Ben & Chris in St. Tanwg's church near Harlech, Wales 2016
Chris Knowles and Catrin O'Neill
Duo with Catrin O'Neill at Aberdovey
Mooncoin ceilidh band
On the fiddle with Mooncoin ceilidh band
Ben Walker & Chris Knowles - Wimborne Festival
Ben & Chris at Wimborne Folk Festival 2012
Ben& Chris with Flook at the Met, Bury 2008
Walker and Knowles at Bury Met
Ben & Chris at the Met, Bury 2008
ROAM- later lineup
ROAM-later lineup: Chris, Ben Walker, Rachael, Colin
ROAM-original lineup
ROAM- original lineup: Chris, Colin Rudd, Jayne Coyle (Viola), Rachael Anne Davies
Howling at Ravens
Howling at Ravens - Allan Moller, Chris, Ben Walker  1999
Howling at Ravens
Howling at Ravens
Chris 1999
With harp no. 3, the Ashdown by Pilgrim Harps
Chris with Ashdown and Flatiron
Ashdown harp + Flatiron bouzouki
Anthony Griffiths and Chris Knowles
With Anthony Griffiths in pub session
Chris Knowles and Anthony Griffiths
Knowles & Griffiths
The Occasional shower
The Occasional Shower: Allan Moller, Jane Ridout, Chris, Mike Lease
HAFREN: (Occasional Shower + Heather Jones)
Moller and Knowles
Moller and Knowles (Chris playing antique Morley clarsach)
The Occasional Shower-1990
The 'Occasional Shower' at Pontardawe Festival 1990
Allan Moller
Allan Moller 1949-2015 R.I.P.
During the 90's, Allan established a reputation both as a piper & as a skilful, expert maker & fine-tuner of reeds for the uilleann pipes. A truly unique character.
Chris Knowles 1989
Chris 1989 with his first harp, built by artist Bernard Barnes

Chris Knowles 1976
Chris in the 1970's