'Frame of Harmony' 

Frame of Harmony cover

(Originally Brenin label 1994. Remastered 2008)

Traditional and original Celtic instrumental music.

This was Chris's first CD album- a solo album, featuring the harp as the main melody instrument on all tracks, and he also plays all accompanying instruments: guitar, bouzouki, whistle, appalachian dulcimer, hammered dulcimer and shakuhachi.


1. Dinas Oleu (C.Knowles)
2. Planxty Mabel Kelly (Carolan)
3. The Gentle Maid of Corwen (Welsh air)   
4. Banish Misfortune/ Hardiman the fiddler (Irish jig/slip jig)
5. Braigh Loch Iall (Scottish air)
6. The Turtle Dove / Hanter dro (Breton)
7. The Milliner's Daughter / The Man of the House (Irish reels)
8. The Gentle Bird (Welsh air)
9. Dwr Glan (Welsh air)
10. The Eastern Harper / The Malt (Irish jig / C.Knowles)
11. Port Atholl (Scottish Port)
12. March of the Kings of Laoise (Irish march)
13. Honeysuckle Flowers (Welsh air)
14. Planxty Father Brian McDermott-Roe (Carolan)
15. The Three Knights (Cornish air)
16. The Mountain Road / The Mullin Dhu (Irish reel, Scottish reel)
17. Ar Lan y Mor (Welsh Air)

Listen to sample tracks:


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